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In The Gambia 66,000 children have lost their parents and have been left without a safe place to live due to poverty and sickness. Often these children are alone and left to fend for themselves.

On 14 January 2009 the organisation Les Amis de Gambie opened an orphanage in The Gambia in order to ensure that these disadvantaged children can have a future, get the chance to grow up as part of a loving family and are able to develop into balanced adults within a safe environment. We help them come to terms with their difficult experiences, gain the courage to make contact with other people again and build up their self-confidence. We ensure that they are schooled in reading, writing and arithmetic and also learn a trade. In addition, we create a safe environment in which they can be themselves.

The organisation Les Amis de Gambie also works on various projects for the local community to improve their future prospects too. This calls for an approach involving closely linked methods that are firmly rooted in the community and focused on the future and a better life.

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