The Orphanage

The children living in the orphanage are often orphans, others are neglected, and some of them have even been abused or abandoned by family. They are assigned to us by the Gambian government. A thorough investigation into the family’s background is conducted before a child can be permanently admitted to us.

Our children are getting older, and puberty is an especially challenging stage of life for them. Many questions about their origins and life history remain unanswered.

We believe that it is best for every child to grow up within their own biological family, as long as they can offer loving care and security.

We never stop trying to find relatives of our children. The process can take years, but in some cases, we have succeeded in finding out more about the background of our children and their families. When a family member is found, work is undertaken to establish a relationship between the family and the child in consultation with the Gambian authorities.

These relatives often either do not want to take responsibility for a child of their deceased relatives, largely due to their own poor circumstances. In such cases, and the sole reason is due to their financial situation, we can continue to provide ongoing financial support for a child from our organisation so that the child can be placed permanently with relatives.

In total, the orphanage has become a loving and safe home for 25 children, where a lot of attention is paid to good and practical education, and where the best possible medical care is provided. In the meantime, eleven adolescents and young adults have left the orphanage. Six of them have been reunited with their families, four others live independently, and one is staying with a foster family.

Besides giving the children a good home, we also teach them the importance of working together to build a sustainable world and achieve a better climate. Energy at the orphanage is supplied by solar panels and two wind turbines, while clean water comes from a borehole. As far as we can, we endeavour to work and live on the site in a way that is as carbon neutral as possible.

Running an orphanage is very expensive. Food, clothing, healthcare and education are not the only expenses we face and in adition, staff costs, funding for transport to and from school, insurance and maintaining the buildings and grounds must also be included.

The orphanage can only exist thanks to donations from sponsors to the organisation Les Amis de Gambie.

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