New project of Les Amis de Gambie: ‘Ris(c)e against Hunger’

We are proud of our almost twenty years of commitment to the children in our orphanage and the underprivileged Gambian families in the area. 

And it is only because of your much appreciated donations that this is possible!


In view of the success of the three previous years, we have once again decided to organise an end-of-year project.

This campaign has the goal of providing vulnerable families with a one-time end-of-year package. 


Many households in Gambia face illness, unemployment, or the death of the family’s breadwinner. To make matters worse, an estimated 13,000 households were hit by the most severe flooding since 1996 at the end of July this year.


An end-of-year package costs €35 and consists of:

-25 kilos of rice

-5 packets of spaghetti (which is often eaten on bread in Gambia)

-1 large tin of tomato paste

-9 kilos of onions (= half a bag)

-a school package with 5 exercise books, 5 pens, 5 pencils, 5 erasers and 5 sharpeners. 


During the conversations our staff had when distributing the breakfast packages for our ‘BreakFIRST’ campaign, it brought to light the fact that many families are in dire need of school supplies. 


Skyrocketing food prices have forced poor families to cut back on other expenses, including school supplies for their children, which parents are responsible for buying themselves.

Since the start of this new school year, we have heard more and more frequently that children are being expelled from school because they do not have the necessary supplies. 


End-of-year packages are distributed to each family and each package contains enough supplies for five children.

The contents of the packages are purchased locally as we are very keen to ensure that we continue to contribute to the local economy. 


We would really appreciate it if you could help us by sponsoring an end-of-year package (or part of one). You can transfer your contribution to account number IBAN LU42 0030 6563 9934 0000 (BGLLLULL), in the name of the organisation Les Amis de Gambie or via PayPal citing ‘Ris(c)e against Hunger’.

Our ultimate goal is to provide 250 Gambian families with an end-of-year package before the end of the year!     


Thank you greatly in advance for your contribution.

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