New project of Les Amis de Gambie: ‘Chicken Tonight’

The fallout from the war in Ukraine is exacerbating the food crisis. Prices of food and other basic products are also skyrocketing in Gambia. As a result, daily life for many Gambians, who have very little to begin with, is becoming untenable. For example, the price of a baguette, or a packet of detergent has risen by as much as 30% in recent months.

The staple meal of most Gambians consists of rice with a tasty sauce and a handful of vegetables, as well as pieces of chicken, meat or fish; provided there is money for it.

Vegetarianism is an unknown concept in Gambia. Chicken, because it is cheaper than beef and fish, is the number one choice of meat for most Gambians.


People in the west are fond of a cut of chicken breast or a chicken fillet. In Europe, it takes an average of three chickens to make one perfect piece of chicken, because only one of those three delivers that perfect chicken breast. The other two are not consumed here. So overproduction is the norm.

Since in Europe we rarely eat chicken wings or whole chickens, they are exported in large numbers to Africa. In Gambia, 90% of the chicken eaten is imported.


Of course, it would be ideal if Gambia were to develop its own poultry industry, which would provide employment for a large number of people, but it is not currently economically viable because the production of poultry meat in Gambia is more expensive than in Europe and chicken (legs) can be imported at low prices.


The orphanage cooks 12 chickens a week, which adds up to 624 chickens a year.

A frozen chicken that weighs 1.2 kg currently costs €3.34. A simple calculation reveals that in the coming year €2084.16 will be needed just to buy chicken for the children who live in the orphanage. The staff also eat with us every day, a common practice in Gambia.


Our first aim with the ‘Chicken Tonight’ campaign is to raise enough money to buy chicken for our orphanage for an entire year. If the proceeds of the campaign exceed our needs, the remainder will be distributed to underprivileged Gambian families who live in the vicinity of the orphanage. Three chickens (costing about €10) are enough to prepare two main meals for an average Gambian family.


We are aware that this is no easy feat, in terms of obtaining funding for this costly project, particularly during such times of uncertainty and we would therefore be very grateful if you could support us in working towards achieving this. You can help us enormously by sending your contribution to account number IBAN LU42 0030 6563 9934 0000 (BGLLLULL), in the name of the organisation Les Amis de Gambie or via PayPal citing ‘Chicken Tonight’!

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